Remarkable is the only company we keep.

At Remarkable Expressions, we know that your success is our success. We will take the time to get to know your business, your downfalls, and your goals so that we can create a winning strategy for your business to succeed online.

Our names are Mike & Roxi. We are husband & wife and we started this company with a vision in mind. We know the importance of having a successful company with an attractive design and brand attached to it. We are here to help. We have over 10 years of combined experience including website, design, marketing, branding, and more. We know how to get you and your company to that “WOW” factor. We will work with you and fulfill all your needs and desires. Your project is not complete until you are 100% satisfied with the results.

When flying a plane, for example, every nut and bolt matters. Having the right pilot with the right experience matters, and following proper procedures is the difference between life or death. A marketing campaign is very similar when done right by the right people. Following proper industry standards and procedures, a business will succeed and take flight. When done incorrectly, as seen time and time again, a business will fail and the online business will come crashing down. Let our team of professionals help keep your business airworthy and flying!

We strive for success in your business and in return we are successful!

Your business deserves every opportunity to take flight online and produce real results for your business. At Remarkable Expressions, we give you guidance, instruction, and the “know-how” to take control of your website and soar to new heights online. This all starts with our proven process called Discovery.

Discovery is a series of scheduled meetings where we dive deep into your business. Each meeting will have an agenda to discuss. Our goal is to better understand your business, your customers, your market, and your competition. As we move through this process we will be providing you with valuable information about your current website (if applicable), your competitors, as well as your market. We will look at strategies and tactics being used in the market place, as well as those not currently being used that we can take advantage of. By the end of discovery, you will have a solid blueprint/strategy to take your business to new heights online.

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A little about Mike & Roxi


Hi, My name is MIke. My wife, Roxi, and I are the founders of Remarkable Expressions. I have grown up around aviation and served in the U.S. Coast Guard for 5 years. After deciding to retire the Coast Guard I wanted to start my own company doing Web Design and Development. I created MH Web Design back in 2014. During this time I was also attending school to become a pilot. I currently possess my private pilot’s license.

I have approximately 8 years in the IT field including Web Design/Development, Web Hosting, Logo Design, Graphic Design, and much more. My wife and I were talking one night about how we were tired of having to leave each other and our children daily to go to work outside of the home and how it would my much nicer to be able to work our own hours. With the combined experience we decided we wanted to revamp MH Web Design and create our own company. That is how Remarkable Expressions was born!


Hey y’all!! So glad you have stopped by and taking the time to get to know us a little bit. My name is Roxi and I am a spunky country girl. I was introduced to computers at the mere age of 6 and never stopped tinkering with them. I took every computer class in high school and passed with flying colors. I am currently enrolled full-time in a community college to obtain my AS in IT.

I met my husband, Mike, and instantly fell in love. One day we were talking about his company that he started a few years ago and maybe getting that going again. After discussing all of our combined talents we came to the conclusion that we need to pretty much start over with a new company. We have SO MUCH to offer between the two of us.

Our main goal is obtaining and keeping happy clients. We understand how frustrating it can be trying to run a business, maintain marketing, as well as keeping an eye-catching website up to date. We are here to help you!!

We are looking forward to working with you. 🙂